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Pasture fed cattle have lower total fat levels than grain fed animals. You will notice that our beef has yellow fat. This is caused by the anti oxidant Beta Carotene.


Pasture fed beef has high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for brain function and development. It also contains higher levels of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and is richer in many vitamins and minerals than grain fed beef. ​​ To find out more visit

Please use the shop below to place your order. We believe in shopping local so to receive your order you will need to collect from the farm or we can arrange delivery within 12 miles of Penmaen, Gower on Tuesdays and Fridays (including Gower, Llanelli, Swansea and Gorseinon). If you'd like to arrange alternative delivery, give Emma a ring on 07811187087 (text or call).


All our beef is frozen, to preserve it's outstanding flavour and to ensure that we are able to maintain a near continuous supply of products. If you’d prefer unfrozen, please contact us and we can arrange to get the beef to you on collection from the butcher.  

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You can also buy our beef through Farmco book online for pick-ups every Tuesday at Square Peg Coffee House, Sketty (5.30pm-7.30pm) and Friday evening at The Market Hall, Kingsbridge, Gorseinon (5.30pm - 7.30pm)

Price List

Ox tongue

Delicious, mild tasting organ meat. Whole tongue 1-2kg


Ox Heart

Nutrient dense, tender organ meat. Whole heart appoximately 2-3kg



Nutrient dense organ meat

£0.50 per 100g


Beautiful oxtail, rich and tasty, ideal for stews and caseroles.

£1/ 100g


The most nutirent dense food on Earth!


Stock bones 1kg

Marrow bone packs ideal for bone broth.


Steak burgers (4pk) 500g

Delicious 100% steak mince quarter pound burgers. Ingredients: steak mince, sea salt, pepper. Pack of 4 approximately 500g.


Burger (4pk) 500g

Four handmade quarter pound beef burgers made with onions and and Gower Sea Salt (Allergens: WHEAT, FISH & ONION)


Jacob's Ladder/ Short rib

Perfect for slow roasting, braising on the bone or on the BBQ. 1.6kg-3kg.


Onglet/ Hanger Steak

A cut which sits alongside the heart and organs which gives it a stronger taste. Marinate and slow cook - delicious! 200-400g


Bavette/ Flank Skirt Steak

A delicious steak taken from the belly/ abdomen. Tenderise and fry/ grill and slice against the grain. 800-1200g.


Flat Iron Steak

Jamie Oliver's favourite steak! Best either tenderised, flash fried/ grilled, rested and thinly sliced or slow cooked. 400-800g


Rump steak

A cost effective steak suitable for frying, grilling, stir-fries and BBQs. Weights from 200-600g


Ribeye steak

Stunning, tender steak full of flavour. Weights from 300-400g.


Sirloin steak

Posher than rump but not quite as posh as fillet. Weights from 200-500g


Fillet steak

Posh steak. Weights range from 200g-500g.


Shin cutlets

Flavoursome traditional cut from the foreleg, perfect for slow cooking. Weights from 400-800g


Braising steak

Delicious steak perfect for slow cooking in casseroles.

£1/ 100g


A well marbled prime roasting joint. 1kg serves 3-4 people. Weights ranging from 1-2.5kg



A prime, self basting roasting joint. 1kg serves 3-4 people. Weights ranging from 1-2.5kg


Rolled sirloin

Delicious prime roasting joint, a very special Sunday roast. 1kg serves 3-4 people. Weights ranging from 2-2.5kg


Top rump joint

Lean and tasty slow roasting rump joint. 1kg serves 3-4 people. Weights ranging from 1-2.5kg


Rolled chuck

A flavoursome slow roasting shoulder joint, perfect for pulled beef recipes. 1kg serves 3-4 people. Weights ranging from 1-2.5kg


Rolled brisket

A flavoursome slow roasting breast joint. 1kg serves 3-4 people. Weights ranging from 1-2.5kg



Leg of mutton cut, a lean, tender roasting joint. 1kg serves 3-4 people. Available in weights ranging from 1-2.5kg


Diced beef (500g)

Diced beef, full of flavour, ideal for stewing.


Mince (500g)

Flavoursome twice minced beef.


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